Customer Care is at the Core of our Culture
Customer care is at the core of our company‘s culture with a dedicated team of knowledgeable and experienced personnel who thrive on helping our customers. We understand that you need to focus on your business and not on technology, and that post-sales support for ERP solutions is not a luxury…it’s a necessity.

Our Services Include:

Turnkey Implementation
Implementation of new software is a complex process, particularly during business hours. That’s why our HeavyWorks Implementation Specialists ensure a seamless, streamline and secure installation throughout the implementation process.

To ensure a smooth transition, managing the impact of new technologies on your employees is an integral part of the HeavyWorks implementation process. At HeavyWorks, we know what it takes to successfully complete this process. Since HeavyWorks is easily adaptable to specific needs and specifications, the implementation process is tailored to each customer environment, making the transition easier and flawless.

Customer Training
A well developed and implemented system training is an important aspect of any successful software implementation. At HeavyWorks, our wide range of training programs delivered by some of the most experienced trainers in the industry, will help you use your HeavyWorks Construction Management Software to its full potential.

HeavyWorks offers the following services to help customers use our software based on their unique business needs:

On-site training
We provide on-site training to facilitate the integration of your new system within your workplace and designated team.

On-line training
Our online training is easy to access and minimizes travel. Online sessions offer a simple, trouble-free way to complement any implementation or version upgrade.

Group training
We provide ongoing training services and customer assistance to help you master your knowledge and skills and understand the full potential of integrated management. Group training is an efficient and friendly way to enhance your team expertise.

Custom training packages
We will gladly work with your organization to develop a customized training program built specifically for your needs.

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details on the features and functions that drive project efficiency and timely financial decisions, maximizing job profitability and lowering risk with control that would please even the most demanding financial executive.

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We welcome the opportunity to give you a free personalized demo of HeavyWorks’ exceptional integration of financial and project management functions. Just a few minutes of your time will reveal substantial opportunities to optimize your business.

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